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5 Irish Food Trends from 2020

Posted by Paula Higgins, October 2020

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5 of the food trends that made waves on social media in 2020!

Every year brings new trends, like big hair or low-rise jeans. The same thing happens with the food that we eat. The trends in 2020 were massively influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, it was a year many people craved comfort food and the foods that we ate when were kids. People being at home with time on their hands led to spikes in hashtags for Irish homemade staples.


How many did you try?


Tik Tok Food Hacks took over in 2020. One that sticks out is the trend of fluffy whipped dalgona coffee, a drink that began in South Korea and spread around the world. To make this coffee, we only need three ingredients – instant coffee granules, sugar and milk . Also, it can be made according to your preference with hot or cold coffee. 


Add 2 tablespoons each of boiling water, instant coffee granules, sugar to a bowl. Whisk all together with a whisker until frothy. It will involve a lot of muscle if you don’t have a hand blender. Spoon the creamy coffee froth into a glass of milk or iced coffee and enjoy.


2020 was a year many people craved comfort food and the foods that we ate when were kids. There were spikes in hashtags for Irish homemade staples.


Next year, the trend will be about Irish fusion: using the Irish flavours that we love, and adding them into our favourite dishes from around the world to see what happens. So, stay tuned to foodeezz HQ as we will be experimenting with new fusion recipes with an Irish twist, and using the best ingredients from this beautiful island.



2020 was the year we could not open up our Instagram without seeing at least half a dozen pictures of sourdough or banana bread. However, as is the case with most other sudden trends, yeast became a scarce commodity. So, many took to nurturing their own yeast starter. And a new trend was born.


Personally, I assumed if I only began baking, it was inevitable that I would soon become a contestant in the GBBO tent. I have now come to realise that I will have to log a few more hours in the kitchen.



Spending more time at home, many of us became quickly tired of the same few familiar recipes we could prepare at home. This explains the spike in popularity for meal prep kits. Companies deliver the exact ingredients and instructions for new foods and  recipe ideas to the door.


These kits are especially helpful for people living alone. It is easy to try new recipes with the exact ingredients for a one-serving dishes, and there was no worry of food waste. It is a simple way to explore new flavours and recipes without investing in an entire new spice rack.


With many people working from home or becoming stay-at-home teachers, breakfast is no longer sacrificed to the morning commute. As a result, people have had time to invest in the most important meal of the day. One spicy  breakfast trend originates from the Mediterranean and is called shakshuka. It is a poached eggs in a rich tomato sauce, cooked with with many spices, chili peppers in a skillet.


The most popular cereal trends took over TikTok. They included miniature pancakes cereal and donut cereal. At foodeez HQ, we hope these food trends were mostly for the ‘gram!

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