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A foodeezz guide to Seasonal Gift Giving

Posted by Garrett Flynn, December 2020

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Christmas is looming...
Santa Claus is not the only one with a list.

Everyone has lots to do in order to prepare for the season and choosing appropriate gifts for all and sundry can take a bit of thought. But before you get busy with the keyboard or rush out to the nearest available retailer, foodeezz hq have come up with a few ideas that might help you on your way.



Being food lovers, we would obviously suggest that you consider food items as gifts and artisan food items at that. Food and beverage items are wonderful because they will always be used. A well-considered consumable item that enhances the Christmas break will be welcome and remembered in the context of endless socks, scarves and toiletries festooned with brightly coloured wrap.  If you know the person you are buying for, you will likely be aware of their food and beverage preferences and any dietary requirements or choices.


If you don’t know the intended recipient terribly well (for instance, a secret santa or kris kindle arrangement), opt for cupboard staples like locally produced condiments, a naturally produced cordial or a really good olive oil. If you know your intended recipient really well, the sky is the limit. Consider providing the components for a sumptuous home cooked meal, centred on (for instance) organic beef or pork. Alternatively, send them the chocolate you know they love or a bottle of whiskey from the distillery you know they visited last year.


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If food gifts present a challenge for you for whatever reason, but you are gifting to a foodie nonetheless, equipment for the kitchen opens up a vista of opportunity. It is amazing how many of us crave a kitchen implement of some sort or other, yet we never seem to find time to pick one up or we limp along with an ancient and tatty example ad infinitum.


Whisks are a great example of a well utilised tool in most kitchens and one that won’t break the bank. Meat thermometers come in all shapes, sizes and levels of refinement. A statement egg timer or a device to enable the flawless preparation of poached eggs are two other thoughts at the lower end of the budgetary scale. Getting into bigger outlays, consider a set of good knives or even some copper saucepans. A top-quality frying pan is another tool that will never be idle in most kitchens.


With something to suit every conceivable use and every budget, you can add a memorable item of equipment to your loved one’s armoury and with the comfort that you’ve struck present gold!


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We can all recall the gifts received that perhaps don’t quite match our tastes or (in the case of food) taste. Rather than inadvertently superimposing our preferences on our friends and family, focus on what they really like and try and buy accordingly. Better perhaps to provide something that will definitely be used, even if it errs on the side of the mundane, as opposed to flamboyance that becomes redundant once opened. Keep it simple and don’t overthink it.


Whatever you decide, make sure it’s wrapped beautifully and it will be eagerly anticipated regardless of the contents.

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