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Posted by Ciara Higgins, February 2021

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Take the opportunity to discover a new Irish product you have never tried before.

It’s hard to believe that St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner. Ireland went into its first lockdown this time last year and the St Patrick’s Day parade on the 17th March was the first major casualty that made us all aware that this might be something bigger than we’d considered to that point.


Like all other occasions this past year, there may be less space for public gathering but with a bit of thought you can make time to celebrate our unique food heritage and the incredible products that this amazing island has to offer. We want to introduce you to 4 of our current favourite Irish artisan ingredients that we have been experimenting with and we think could help you with your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations too.



It has to be said, this lockdown has really caused us to up our cocktail making game! In place of nights out enjoying the company of good friends, we have gotten quite used to zoom quiz nights or in taking the opportunity to create memories for the occasions in our lives that we have celebrated at home.


We have recently discovered Symphonia Number 1 Gin, a dry gin with a citrus burst that is a divine addition to a gin cocktail. It’s floral, spicy finish pairs especially well with fruits. So, in anticipation of some brighter weather and longer days (and in search of some much needed hope and optimism!) we thought we’d share with you this delicious bramble gin cocktail recipe



This is less an ingredient recommendation and really just a PSA because we can’t get enough of this incredible fudge made by Granny Shaw’s Fudge Factory in Co. Antrim!


The endless cups of tea at our dining room table turned work and home schooling space have been perked up with this delicious treat!



As busy parents we regularly find ourselves drinking too much coffee or sneaking in baked treats in between refereeing sibling fights and tackling the never ending laundry pile. When we feel the need for a pick-me-up, we truly love tea kombucha in the afternoons .


Gillian and Laura from GutInstinct in Dublin have created a tea kombucha that is delicious on its own, but we’ve been experimenting with adding different juiced fruits and as a result has been a hit with the kiddos too. Squeezed lemons and limes with crushed raspberries are the current favourite additions.



It’s definitely true that we have all spent much more time in the kitchen recently. For us, baking has been the primary activity to pass the time on rainy days during the school closures trying to do something constructive (and that we can kid ourselves passes as a half decent attempt at homeschooling). From time to time, flour became quite difficult to source and because we were consuming so much of our finished product we undertook a search for a great quality offering.


We came across Ballymore Organics based in Co Kildare and have become total converts! Their flours are single-varietal, single-origin, and have uniquely nutty flavours. They are unbleached and without additives or preservatives. We have used both their whole meal flour for bread making and their Blas na h’Éireann award winning plain flour for a variety of baking projects (including our crowd pleasing carrot cake muffins).

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