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Creating Christmas traditions (that naturally include great food!)

Posted by Ciara Higgins, November 2020

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We all grow up with family traditions.
Sometimes, it’s nice to add to the repertoire...

Here at foodeezz, there’s nothing we don’t love about Christmas. The food (obviously!), the tree, the songs, the films – there are so many great traditions that we all take part in, but our favorite ones are the ones that we repeat at the same time in the same place every year. It’s in doing the same things year after year that really strikes a nostalgic chord. And although the holidays will no doubt look different this year because of the C-19 pandemic, there are still plenty of ways to make sure that Christmas is full of joy, love and fun.



Whether you are itching to go from November 1st or you prefer to leave it until mid-December, make the erection of the Christmas decorations an event in itself. Make some mulled wine, either using a pre-made spice mix added to some gently warmed, good quality red wine or assemble the ingredients yourself. We enjoy citrus fruits such as clementines, oranges, lemons and limes. Some sugar is a must, and finally an array of spices such as cloves, cinnamon, star anise or nutmeg. Consider adding a bay leaf too for a unique twist.


For the kids, add the same mix to some apple juice or alternatively pick up some good quality blackcurrant or elderflower cordial and festoon with some berries and a slice or two of lemon.



If family members are away this Christmas and time zones allow, try arranging a gingerbread house ‘build off’. Family members around the globe can build in biscuit and compare the results of this edible ‘Grand Designs challenge’.


Make the gingerbread at home if feeling adventurous, or pick up a pre-fabricated structure at your local supermarket, complete with decorative icing. Extra sprinkles, candy canes and marshmallows can be added to ensure all small hands are occupied and having fun.



During these strange times, we have found ourselves spending more time outdoors than ever before. Nothing quite motivates a reluctant offspring out the door quite like the promise of some hot chocolate on the stove at the end.


Milk and hot chocolate granules is your basic recipe. Alternatively, a hot chocolate stirrer is a fun change. We also like to add some special ingredients from time to time – marshmallows for the kids, and (when not driving afterwards) some crème liqueur for the adults.

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