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Meet the team



Garrett is joint founder of foodeezz. Garrett began his career in food at the entrepreneurial business Cuisine de France, having grown up in a home where great baking and cooking was a central part of family life.


Following a career across food businesses large and small, at home and abroad, the thought of finding a way to help small, food-loving artisans gain a sustainable route to market led to Garrett leaving his job in 2019 and moving to New Zealand to plan out and establish the foodeezz.com platform.


Back in Ireland in late-2020, foodeezz began to take shape. Our vision is to be the place where food lovers can connect with great artisan producers.


Garrett’s passion is stories. The motivation behind a small food enterprise, the people driving it and their narrative. At foodeezz, we have set out to gather together some really great artisan food brands, all with wonderful tales and incredible food for you to enjoy.


Ciara is joint founder of foodeezz. Since leaving college, Ciara has had great food and drink at the heart of her global adventures. From vineyards in the Canadian Okanagan, to a smokehouse in Southern France, from haute cuisine in Hong Kong to ostrich pan-fried over a campfire in the South African bush, food and the people behind it have always fascinated her.


“My favourite food memory is eating kabsa, the national dish of Saudi Arabia on the roof of a ramshackle hotel, surrounded by stunning mountains in the rural South, almost at the Yemeni boarder, in the company of friends and local cooks. The food was incredible and the stars were crystal clear.”


Over a craft beer one night, surrounded by a very different set of mountains, in Glenorchy on New Zealand’s South Island, Ciara laid the foundations of foodeezz as a business idea that could make a positive difference to small artisan producers. Back in Ireland, she is looking forward to welcoming you to joining us.


Ciara is detail driven and passionate about great food. She is on a mission to connect artisan producers with food-loving consumers on a platform that not only makes shopping for great food easy, but is an engaging and exciting community too.


Paula is a content contributor at foodeezz. Hailing from Ireland but living in South Korea for the past number of years, she is the expert on amazing vegan food as well as a whizz at examining consumer trends and behaviors.


A PHD student at Ehwa University, Paula combines a love of fermented foods with a love of statistical analysis – both of which are invaluable traits for the foodeezz team!


Paula’s favourite food memory happened during a family holiday in the Tuscan countryside a couple of summers ago. “With vegetables, freshness is all. We stayed on a farm and the farmer provided a basket of fresh and delicious tomatoes, peaches and other fruits & vegetables every morning, all grown on the farm and picked that morning. We only went out to a restaurant once – the dishes we could create with these ingredients were just too tempting! The stunning scenery was the ideal accompaniment”.


Day-to-day, Paula enjoys exploring the local restaurants in her adopted home of Seoul with Kimchi and tofu being local specialties. She has yet to convince the rest of the team to share her devotion to Kongguksu – but we take her word that it’s absolutely delicious!