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New Year? Eat more, not less

Posted by Garrett Flynn, January 2021

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It's been a strange Christmas, but strange or not we’ve all likely over-indulged this festive season.

January, traditionally the month of diets and denying oneself of good things in the interests of becoming leaner, is also a cold and dull time of year with the general mood not helped entirely by the sudden turning off of the good cheer.



To help combat this at foodeezz (and, we would accept in something of a challenge to convention), we are advocating for a new year’s resolution to eat more, not less. Here is our thinking… we all can benefit from being more selective about what we place into our shopping baskets and by implication what we place on the table at home.


We would contend that healthier living is not necessarily simply about curtailing the amount of food one consumes – it is about the type of food you eat, how it is produced and what you do with it in the kitchen.



Equally, eating more in the new year is not necessarily about quantity – it is about quality, origin and locality. Set yourself a goal to replace a processed or intensively farmed food item in your shopping basket with a natural, organic or locally farmed alternative.


We all can’t change our entire food basket overnight – there are cost considerations, taste preferences, convenience and other factors to consider. However consider a couple of examples that might help get you on the road to eating more local and artisan food in 2021 and facilitate some healthier recipes into the bargain.



Replace factory farmed chicken with organic, free-range birds. The taste is superior, the bird goes further in feeding your family and the environmental impact is less. The birds live happier, healthier lives so you enjoy better taste and value for money, whilst contributing to a higher standard of animal welfare.


Replace meat at the dinner table at least once a week. At foodeezz, we are fans of meat in all its forms but as a nation we do eat too much meat. Replace it on one day in the week with a vegetarian or vegan option. We’ve been trying this at foodeezz hq and there are plenty or recipes that turn seeds, pulses, vegetables and other key ingredients into some really tasty meal options.



Be treat wise. We all try reducing our intake of sugar in January, but rather than stripping out cakes and biscuits entirely, consider swapping out a big brand in your basket for a locally produced alternative.


You’ll find superior ingredients, simpler recipes and incredible taste when it comes to artisan chocolate, cookies and cakes.



Discover a new flavour in 2021. Take some time to peruse the foodeezz.com platform or your local food/ artisan food store or foodhall and find a favourite food product in a new flavour variant and give it a try. A new flavour of relish or conserve for instance. A new flavour mix in artisan sausages. A herb or spice you’ve not really tried before or a bread that’s new to your repertoire.


Discovering new foods, trying new things with ingredients and adding more locally produced and ethically farmed goods into your shopping basket in 2021 is a great way to start the year and sail above the January blues at the same time. If you like it and continue the habit, you will be playing a part in supporting local Irish food producers and at the same time adding more to your pantry, not just in terms of quantity but in quality.

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