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Pancake Panacea

Posted by Garrett Flynn, February 2021

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How to wow your captive audience with the fruits of your frying pan…

Shrove Tuesday, the commencement of the Christian period of Lent, is a precursor to a period traditionally associated with fasting, although more commonly observers would deny themselves some form of treat or vice until the arrival of Easter at the other end.


Hence, Shrove Tuesday was originally about excess in advance of denial. These days, Pancake Tuesday is less the precursor to several weeks of a barren pantry and more an opportunity to enjoy an indulgent breakfast, fresh from the sparsity of January.



At foodeezz HQ, we deploy pancakes for other occasions throughout the year, including first day of the school year and the odd birthday, so we’ve paid attention to the recipe and tried to get close to perfection. We eschew the pre-made batter mixes in favour of a simple home prepared variant.


Mix eight heaped tablespoons of plain flour and a pinch of salt vigorously with two eggs and enough milk to bind it all together and then gradually arrive at a mixture that resembles cream coloured paint, over the course of a couple of minutes. Leave it to rest for fifteen minutes or so, whilst you prepare a hot pan. Add a knob of butter each time you add a fresh ladle sized amount of batter (enough to thinly cover the base of the pan) and turn when you see the cake starting to lift in parts.


If feeling adventurous, try flipping your pancakes. Just watch the pancake, not the pan and usually it lands where it should – highly entertaining for little ones in the household.


When it comes to adornment, traditionalists prefer sugar and fresh lemon juice but the options are simply endless. Switch the lemon for lime to give extra tang, or use orange juice if you want sweetness without the sugar. Try a streak of good quality chocolate spread topped with fresh raspberries for a taste combination that works really well. Sliced bananas drizzled with caramel sauce is super indulgent, whilst drizzling honey instead can help assuage the guilt a bit. (We have heard tales of ice cream being deployed but this is not a precedent we want to set at breakfast, lest we get too attached to it!).


If you’re feeling adventurous, try some savory toppings (because on Pancake Tuesday you can bet it’s on the menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner!). We love beef strips with guacamole and sour cream, but any combination you’d normally get in a taco or sandwich could work well too.


If making your pancakes for the family, cook them all and stack in a warm oven to keep warm. At foodeezz HQ, pancakes are frequently claimed by enthusiastic offspring fresh from the pan, so heating an oven can be something of a pointless endeavour.


However you like your pancakes, enjoy with hot coffee or the tea of your choice. Share your ideas for pancake toppings and send us a pic!

Send your pics to foodeezz HQ or let us know via your preferred social media app!

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